Ontological Moorings

Ontological Moorings is an ongoing art practice about kinesthetic knowing that was begun in May of 2016. The term is what philosophers would refer to as the appreciation of and a response to what is real right here and now. In a world that is so often dissociated from the present, these works are a centering act of being in the moment.

There is a set of guidelines I defined for the creation of these works that I generally work from so that each work may include the use of any of the following perameters:

• An item must be rendered that is found that day. This could be an object or a work of art at museum.

• An interior or exterior must be a part of the piece and is rendered while sitting or being in that space.

• An element of the piece must be rendered in collage (often made up of materials gathered the day prior or the day of the creation of the work).

• A fabric swatch often is used as the model for the color palette for each work.

• Titles of the works are often taken from lyrics of a song that is heard that day that I find resonance with.

• Works reflect and bounce off the spirit of the day, and echo what is found in the physicality of the moment (no photography is used to work from). As best as I am able there are no preconceived notions as to what the works are going to be when they are begun, instead the work finds inspiration in what is encountered.