These charachters have grown out of images of Hopi Kachinas, medieval images of green men, misericords, and other carvings in wood and stone from the 11th to 15th century, the Dutch Baroque painters (Hals, Heda and Rembrandt), the Mannerists (Tintoretto and Veronese), with the emotional punch of the Expressionists (Kollwitz and Beckmann).

The artwork’s content issues from my profound coming to terms with being human, and my faith that there is something much bigger than all of this.  Flourishing out of almost fifteen years of being part of “shadow work,” the art aims in part, to represent sincerely a portrait of the psycho-social identity of the 21st century.  The use of assemblage in the work both in painted and actual form represents the amalgamation of events, genetics, things and life that create who we are, for better or for worse.  Life simply seems to depend on the choices we make with what we are given.